May 1864


Enroute to Battle of Wilderness, writes from Brandy Station, men tossing extra clothing, communication ordered stopped.

Near Brandy Station, [Virginia]
On Ammunition Box
May 5, 1864

Dear [Mr.] Richards,

5-5-64-1We came down here yesterday. We are now in Burnsides Corps. Communication with Washington is by order suspended. The regiment is now all throwing away clothing from knapsacks and filling it with six days rations, besides haversack full. You must excuse the looks of this [letter]. Since yesterday morning we are continually on the march.

Everything is ruin out from Brandy [Station] and all that can’t be moved, [is] destroyed.

5-5-64-2We will resume the march in 20 minutes. I send this [by train] with the Engineer.

We are going to see some tough times, but I guess I’ll stand it. Please give my love to Mrs. Richards & Nettie, Susie and Annie. [William] Davis is busy supervising the issue of rations to his company. Good Bye. Train leaving.


W. B. Phillips
Lt. Adjt. Provisional &c.
9th Army Corps

— William B. Phillips

Soldiers awaiting move toward Richmond

Soldiers awaiting move toward Richmond



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