Meeting Face to Face

Yours Truly, Wm. B. Phillips

Yours Truly, Wm. B. Phillips

After a ten year search I have found a Civil War era photo of my great-great grandfather, Adjutant William B. Phillips of the 2nd Pennsylvania Provisional Heavy Artillery!

Nothing on the back. Great signature though! It is a “carte de visite” — very common during the Civil War. He is wearing a well-tailored 9-button enlisted man’s frock coat and kersey trousers. This was taken sometime before he was promoted to Adjutant-First Lieutenant — probably while garrisoned at Fort Lincoln in Washington D. C.


2 thoughts on “Meeting Face to Face

  1. Hey Greg, Hope your outing was fun. After you shared your photo of William Phillips I decided to look through my files and look at what photos I have of members of Schooley’s Battery.

    Attached you will find one of Private Watkin W. Powell. I certainly am no expert but the outfits look almost identical. Just thought this may help you out a bit.

    Regards, Allan Arnold

  2. Thanks for the photo Allan! If the photo I found of my ancestor is the only one I ever get at least it is a great photo. I am hoping that now I know what he looks like maybe I will be able to identify him in other photos. I will post any I find right here on the website.

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